Splints - what are the differences between "ILoveMySmile", "PlusDental", "DrSmile", Invisalign and AdSmile®/JPLign®?


Our expertise in the field of aesthetic teeth correction.

You want straight teeth and a perfect smile? We have developed the solution for you. The European patented aligner types AdSmile® and JP Lign®, along with the corresponding 3D teeth correction and simulation plan, have been developed and utilized by our dental experts for 22 years.

What is the difference compared to other providers? With AdSmile and JP Lign®, you are exclusively assisted by orthodontists (KFO) and dentists, unlike other providers.

Why is this so important? Dentists specializing in orthodontics ensure from the beginning to the end of the treatment that your teeth not only become beautiful and straight but also healthy. They have exceptional expertise in the field of dental misalignment.

With AdSmile and JP Lign®, you will find the perfect care for your teeth because for over 20 years, we have been treating patients with invisible aligners. Achieve a perfect smile in just a few weeks with AdSmile and JP Lign aligners.

Your new smile awaits you. Don't let it fade away!


Which provider offers the best quality at the best price – including good service with the dental splints?

Many patients believe that online options are always cheaper than in-person treatments. In many cases, that is still true. However, one must spend a long time researching the various offerings from different manufacturers before finding something affordable. Moreover, once a large provider establishes its reputation, they can set their prices arbitrarily, rather than being fair to the patient.

For example, at ILoveMySmile, a treatment with 14 Invisalign aligners costs around €1,899. At DrSmile, prices start at €1,790 and go up to €3,990. PlusDental charges between €1,790 and €3,190 for treatment. Additionally, these providers impose interest charges for payment installments, which you have to pay separately.

In contrast, AdSmile offers aligners starting at €850. And that’s the price, regardless of the complexity of the treatment.

In contrast, AdSmile offers aligners starting at €850. And that's the price, regardless of the complexity of the treatment. Here, there is also the option of installment payments, but without any interest charges.

DENTAL ALIGNERS - many alternative providers to Invisalign

In the following, we will provide you with a closer look at the various providers for teeth corrections and dental aligners. We have focused on the most prominent manufacturers. You can find all the information on the websites of each respective provider.

Invisalign Treatment and AdSmile Aligner

What is the cost of invisible braces for adults?


Invisalign treatment

The cost of the entire Invisalign treatment varies greatly depending on the individual treatment plan, the number of aligners required, and the frequency of your visits to the dentist.

Only the respective Invisalign provider can give you an accurate cost estimate. Typically, the price of an Invisalign treatment ranges from €3,500 to €6,500, with the price being higher or lower depending on the severity of the dental misalignment.

Ad Smile Aligners

The cost for correcting the front teeth (upper and lower jaw) is €850, including personal support.

The AdSmile and JPLign aligners are manufactured in Germany and will be delivered within 14 days.

Feel free to contact us anytime via WhatsApp – we provide free consultation and support.

Plusdental - Ad Smile/JPLign - Drsmile


PlusDental, formerly known as SunshineSmile, has locations in Germany, including in shopping centers and dental practices. Initially, an oral scan is conducted at their facilities. Afterward, the aligners are sent to the patient by PlusDental. It appears that there is no orthodontic or therapeutic examination of the function conducted. Both PlusDental and DrSmile have been acquired by the Straumann Group. For important information regarding the Straumann case, you can find it here:


Ad Smile und JPLign

The AdSmile method is a simple and effective way to position teeth in a beautiful alignment for cases of mild misalignments.

JP Lign, on the other hand, can move misaligned teeth in all directions: horizontally (correcting midline alignment in the front teeth), vertically (up or down), and sagittally (forward or backward). The vertical movement of teeth improves their position in relation to the occlusal plane of the upper and lower jaw. Additionally, rotational (“torque”) and uprighting movements in any direction are possible in the front and posterior teeth area. Conventional aligners available on the market cannot achieve these results.

These innovative techniques have been developed by the Ad Dento Dental Health Center under the guidance of Dr. Pouran Vali-Pursche, a qualified dentist with over 20 years of experience in the field of invisible aligners.

Dr Smile

DrSmile is a company based in Berlin that manufactures clear aligners. They specialize in cosmetic treatments for the front teeth. DrSmile is the most well-known provider, particularly due to their extensive advertising campaigns. According to the manufacturer, the treatment is performed by dentists at their locations, and the aligners are sent to the patients’ homes. DrSmile has also been acquired by the Straumann Group.

Your personalized 3D teeth correction plan with AdSmile and JPLign aligners

We personally analyze the photos and dental impressions you send us in our laboratory. From there, we create a personalized 3D simulation and teeth correction plan that will guide you step by step through the aesthetic teeth correction process.

The AdSmile and JPLign aligners are specially customized for your specific dental misalignments and will be sent to you. All materials and aligners used are ISO-certified and manufactured in Germany. We provide comprehensive service, offering personal support and guidance throughout the process.

You can exchange information about the results and progress of your teeth correction with our dentists and orthodontists through our WhatsApp account (+49152-22927899 and +49162-7225303). Regular communication is necessary for our specialists to monitor and supervise your progress.

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