Simple, invisible, successful in a few weeks.

Experienced dentist Dr. Pouran Vali-Pursche has been working with AdSmile®/JPLign® aligner tooth corrections for years. AdSmile and JPLign are the result of over 20 years of orthodontic research. The aesthetic tooth correction is simple and straightforward for all patients.

Our soccer star
Sebastian Polter & Ilena Polter

Straight teeth are very important for everyone!

Sebastian is 32 years old and currently plays for FC Schalke 04. Prominent personalities, in particular, pay special attention to their appearance. We are very happy to have him and his wife Ilena as our patients in our partner practices in Meerbusch.


Aligners? - No problem even during sports.

Alex is 32 years old, an enthusiastic athlete, and acrobat. His radiant smile is part of the success of his show. “With the Ad Smile/JPLign® aligners, I can train without any problems and noticed the first results after just a few weeks.”


Your magical smile with invisible aligners.

Awa is 21 years old and a student. With straight teeth and a magical smile, she is well prepared for university and her future career. “The Ad Smile®/JPLign® Aligner is discreet and invisible. I wear it even during lectures and seminars.”


Removable for meetings

Christoph is a successful insurance broker and advises his clients through personal interactions. Well-groomed teeth and a polished appearance are a must for him!

“I wear the Ad Smile/JPLign® Aligner even in the office. I can easily remove it for important meetings.”

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